Hourly Comics Day 2020

Recording a quiet day in early (pre-pandemic!) 2020 with my family, with updates drawn every hour.

Drawn for Hourly Comics Day 2020 in February, before we went on COVID-19 lockdown. Hourly Comics Day is a cartooning challenge to document your day, hour by hour. I try to document within or close to the hour that just passed so the entries are current. It’s always a fascinating glimpse into daily life when I look back on it — 2020 is especially poignant considering how much life changed just a few weeks later, to say nothing of the exhaustion and persistent dry cough I had in this comic… hmmm.

This 2020 Hourly Comic was originally posted to my Instagram and Twitter. I created the entries every hour of that day with my handy iPad.

I’ve been doing this Hourly Comics challenge on and off since 2015 and really enjoy it — so much so that I put my 2018 and 2019 entries into a book: Early Motherhood, Hour By Hour. I also continued making these hourly comics in 2021.

And if you want to see how much life changed when the pandemic really hit us just a few weeks after I made this comic, I documented it in lots of detail in my visual journal series Extraordinary Times.