Extraordinary Times: Volume 2

Extraordinary Times: Volume 2, 142 pages, full color.

A visual journal of life with a young child during the COVID-19 pandemic - part two.
Winner: 2021 MICE honorable mention.

I started keeping a visual diary during the COVID-19 pandemic to document what our young family’s life was like, just trying to make sense of everything and adjust to all the changes, fear, and isolation. These entries were written on the fly with no planning in an effort to capture events and mood as accurately as I could in a timely manner.

This project quickly became popular with my readers so I put my updates online at Webtoons. After hitting my first big milestone of 200 completed pages in this diary, I thought I’d collect the first few months of my work into printed book form. Volume two - this book - is the second half of my entries in this project, with all my entries from summer 2020 through summer 2021, including (especially) spring 2021 when vaccinations started rolling out in the United States.

There are no more entries in this project after this, so if you want to read the entirety of this project, you want to read both volumes 1 and 2.

A look inside: Entry for February 25, 2021 - Our first shot of hope